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I started my musical journey at the age of 7.  Studying Piano​ with various teachers under the Royal Conservatory of Music, I quickly became entrapped with the love, determination and the passion for music. 

Having taught music for 30 years and having performed on many stages, it still wasn't enough to fuel my passion.  I later began tuning my own piano and those of my students, honestly it was all for fun. Nonetheless, uncontrollably falling deeper in love with the inner workings of the Piano, I soon completed my Audio Engineering degree and later began my training and apprenticeship under the industry's best Piano Artisans. Being in good standing as a member of the PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) and a member of CAPT/ACAP (Canadian Association of Piano Technicians) allows me to keep up to date in this therapeutic industry I truly love. I am truly grateful for my loyal customers, music schools, music stores and places of worship who keep me thriving only to have me in Tune with my passion, thank you.

When I'm not in my Piano Zen, I enjoy quality time with my boys, playing Guitar with my band Twisted Tango, teaching Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Theory, RCM Exam Preparations, working out, and Motorcycles.

To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable....

Ludwig van Beethoven

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"In Tune.........Always"

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