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An integral part of any business is to have feedback from customers on the service that was provided.

 I take pride in my knowledge, experience, attitude and in my work to have your Piano working at its best.  

I appreciate all customer reviews and testimonials............good or bad.


Don’t look any further for a professional, knowledgeable and reliable piano expert with a passion for music. He’s also an all-around nice person. We were looking for a piano tuner for our 1903 upright piano. It’s been in the family since the 1960s and is now being played by a fourth generation of family piano players. I’ll sheepishly admit that it was neglected due to our own lack of knowledge, not having had a tuning for over 10 years and being moved twice in that time. Enter: Joseph! He spent the time to educate us, and gave us honest advice about what we could realistically expect from a 120-year old instrument. He then tuned and repaired it to make it beautifully playable for our enthusiastic, musically inclined daughter. Joseph is a gem. Five stars.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐          


LJN Aparicio

We have an upright 30 year old piano, hasn't been maintained very well over the years.  Joseph was responsive over email, friendly, courteous, explained the potential costs beforehand, and played the piano masterfully to test it.  He is a professional highly skilled Piano Tuner, I would highly recommend him to everyone and will definitely be calling him again!!

Very well deserved with excellent service and great mastery of Piano Tuning and playing. Makes me want to play again!!

The Rajan Family,

Sanela Smlatic,

I found Joseph over the internet, and based on some excellent reviews, I decided to book an appointment. I am glad we found a truly professional who loves and knows his job. I enjoyed his playing while he was tuning my daughter’s piano. 


Sara R.   

After receiving my piano from my parents over 12 years ago and through two house moves I finally got my piano tuned. I was really worried that it would not sound the same since I had neglected it for so long. Joseph came and was very professional. He quoted me for his typical services he performs on pianos that haven’t been tuned in a long time. When he came, he was very professional. He was able to tune my piano so that it sounded like new. I was shocked at how honest he was when he told me that my piano was in better shape than he expected and charged me according to what he did. I wouldn’t have known any better and yet he was so honest. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Jamie Garvie 

My new ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ piano man made my 100 year old baby grand sound awesome and now I get to enjoy this great piece of history in my clinic.  My patients absolutely love it❤️ Thank you so much for being so perfectly twisted 👍


Dr. G

Mark S.  

Joseph has tuned my piano a few times now and done an outstanding job. He definitely knows his stuff. Very thorough and professional. Very good teacher as well. Decades or knowledge and experience which shows in his lessons. I highly recommend.

Carm R. 

The piano is fantastic! Kids are so happy and they are more enthusiastic to play now than ever before .

Thank you so much ! It is day and night different.

Stephanie C.

I was put into contact with Joseph, through my daughters’ piano teacher, and am so glad that she did.  He was prompt, professional and knowledgeable, and was able to repair a hammer and tune my, over 100 year old upright piano.  He even took the time to research the lineage of my piano and let me know that it’s approximate manufacture date was between 1914-1915. The piano has never sounded so rich and I am so thankful to have been put into contact with him. Now my children will be able to continue playing on my heirloom! I will keep up with his recommendations for tuning and maintenance! Thank you so much!

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"In Tune.........Always"

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