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Just like anything else in life, and in the things we use to make our lives easier and comfortable,

there has to be some form of care and maintenance.  A Piano needs a lot more than just a musician,

or regular tunings. Below are important maintenance procedures that most piano owners over look or avoid.


Piano tuning is the act of making precision adjustments to the tension of the strings of an acoustic piano, to properly align the intervals between their tones  so that the instrument is in tune. Basically, the strings are tightened or loosened as needed to ensure each key will play the correct note/pitch when pressed.


Regulation is approximately 37 adjustments per key of the pianos action mechanism to enable it to play within specification.  Once you do this to one

key then you have to do it to the other 87 keys and make them all feel and respond the same. The process is very labor intensive and extremely worth it.


Piano voicing is the process of adjusting the density of the felts covering

the hammers striking the string to produce a warmer or brighter tone.

When this procedure is performed, you will definitely notice a difference

it can make to the piano's overall sound. 


It is important to clean and sterilize Key tops, clean inside of your piano

and underneath the strings are areas that should be cleaned occasionally. Vacuum the action cavity and internal areas of the piano to get rid of unwanted dust and to keep the piano free of foreign objects. 


The Dampp-Chaser/Piano Life Saver System is an internal humidity control system that is engineered to protect your piano. This system is the best way to protect your piano by reducing the fluctuations in humidity levels around your piano.  Changes in humidity are one of the most damaging influences on pianos. 


We deal with reputable companies who specialize in strategic Piano moves, 

short and long term Piano Storage, piano crating for shipping overseas or

nation-wide, and Piano disposals. Contact us to get your quote.

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